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Make stunning video to impress clients….

With the growing popularity of social media and viral distribution sites such as YouTube, and Facebook and the creation of SmartPhones, today’s real estate searches begin online. According to NAR, less than 1% of agents use video to market their properties, yet 73% of all sellers would list with an agent who utilizes video to market their property. With billions of videos being viewed every day, video is becoming the preferred means of marketing. Real estate professionals can “walk and talk” their way through a property using video, giving the viewer a lively sensory experience. Search engines are increasingly prioritizing results containing video to capitalize on this emerging demand. (MLS News & Notes Apr 2010).

Most people would rather watch a video than a collection of static photos or slog through pages and pages of text. Wouldn’t you?

Video is more realistic, more appealing, and can evoke emotion – something still photos and text cannot do. And emotion is why people buy real estate.

The new saying is “Web appeal” which is the “Curb Appeal” of yesteryear. How your listing appears online could mean the difference between a buyer picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment, or clicking the “NEXT” button…

NSB creates High Definition, narrated, show-stopping video of your properties. We will help you showcase your listings, by generating MLS-compliant videos.

We make it easy to syndicate your videos with our marketing services. Our Real Estate video tours will help save you time and money, along with selling more real estate.

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Video Agent Profiles

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