CNYRHA Virtual Horse Show

Classes include:

Open NRHA Pattern 8

Non Pro NRHA Pattern 6

Rookie NRHA Pattern 5

Youth NRHA Pattern 8

Green Reiner 2 NRHA Pattern 6

1. Entry fee of $30
2. Limited to 1 entry per horse rider combination
3. Proper attire /equipment required
4. Videos must be taken between May 1st and May 22
5. Entrant submits video to National Sports Broadcasting by noon May 22
6. Video must be taken from center cone position with a marker indicating center on other
side of the arena
7. First 5 seconds of video must show date of video- horse and rider name and class entered
8. On May 23rd starting at Noon eastern time the videos will be aired on National Sports
Broadcasting in Class order for open viewing/judging
9. Scores will be given by NRHA judge live (after run is complete judge gives score which is
then shown on the web feed)
10. Final results per class are also posted live before next class starts
11. A portion of the proceeds from each class will be donated to RHSF in the class winners

**this virtual show will not count towards**

**CNYRHA Green Reiner Saddle Series or CNYRHA Year end awards or NRHA earnings**

Sample Video Featuring Tom Hoyt

Entry Form