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PAC Aladdin 2015

Performing Arts Conservatory 2015 Recital Aladdin



Product Description

Performing Arts Conservatory 2015 Recital Aladdin. Coupon code to waive shipping is “pac”.

Please read carefully.

There is a choice of “TRADITIONAL” DVD and is designed to be played in a traditional DVD player or Blue Ray player and is likely compatible with multimedia devices such as a Xbox or PlayStation.  It WILL NOT likely play when inserted in the DVD drive of a Windows computer.  This is not a result of how the DVD is made but rather a decision by Microsoft to require the purchase of a Windows PC to by optional software in order to play a video DVD.  If you wish to play this on a PC you can optionally purchase a .MP4 disk which is made differently than a traditional store bought DVD.  It is built along the lines of a “Digital Copy”, it contains a single digital file which will play on a PC or a Mac and some smart devices such as a Xbox or PlayStation and some Smart Blue Ray Players.  You can also opt to purchase this digital copy on a USB memory stick rather than a disk which helps those of you who own some newer laptops that do not have a disk drive.  Please review all of the choices prior to making your selection.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 cm
Media Format

Digital Copy, Traditional DVD, USB Memory Stick


1:00 Showtime, 6:00 Showtime


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